About Us


The MakerMoon team has been in the generator and web business for more than 15 years. Before HTML5 and CSS3 all generators were made in Flash. The team built one of the first and most famous FlashButtons generator website which became FlashVortex. This website is the third generation of and maker tools.

Over the years we've been creating hundreds of generators and serving millions of hosted files. Our servers uptime is very good, thanks to the excellent cloud services provided by Amazon AWS.


MakerMoon is an online cooperative business. Each team member works from home.

  • Stan D.
    Full stack developer
    and designer
  • Julie G.
    Front end developer
    and designer
  • Arnaud B.
    Marketing and
  • Rehmat U.
    Full stack developer
    and designer


Our most important source of information is your feedback. This is what allows us to improve makers and choose what features should be developed. We do our best to provide timely support and always reply e-mails. Your suggestions and comments are precious. Please tell us what you think, what annoys you, or what you think should be improved.


These makers wouldn't be possible to create without the great tools available out there. Most of them are free. We wish to specially thanks the following ones:

Javascript libraries

Stock photography

Icons and vectors