White Label Video Editor

Boost your business offer by allowing your customers to create videos straight from your website.

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How does it work ?

A white label video editor will allow you to offer video creation services to your users, using your brand, and without them knowing about MakerMoon.

As of 2018, the demand for marketing videos keeps growing, and offering video services will substantially increase the value of your business offer.

For now there are 2 white label video solutions available:

  • White Label Embeddable Video Editors
  • White Label Video API

Please continue reading for more details about each solution.

White Label Embeddable Video Editors

This white label solution allows you to embed any of the MakerMoon's video editor directly into your website. Giving your customers the opportunity to create videos straight from your website.

Installation is simple, using a single line of code you could start offering video makers in a matter of minutes.

Here is an example of an embedded video editor:

Each editor can be customized to your requirements. You can change the color theme, add your logo, or even ask to remove or add specific features. Let us know what you need, we are here to help.

White Label Video API

The white label Video API solution allows you to automate video creation. For example, if a customer on your site fills a form, you can send a video creation request to the API to automatically generate a video, based on the information provided by your user. The API will automatically generate the video and send it to any destination you chose.

Here is an example of an API video creation solution for a real estate marketing agency:

  1. A new property for sale is added to your database. With images and details like price, address, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.
  2. This triggers the creation of multiple videos of various styles, dimensions and duration. Each one formatted to target a specific platform: Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.
  3. When done, all videos are sent to the destination of your choice: url, email, disk. And are ready to use.

You will need the help of an experience developer to send requests to the API, and handle messages from the API video software.

Technically, here is an example of a JSON payload you would send to the API video creation endpoint:

    "saveId": "5a6615e71416e827e08b4568",
    "saveTitle": "",
    "groupTitle": "",
    "callbackEmail": "you@yourdomain.com",
    "customValues": {
        "listingPrice": "$400,000",
        "listingStreet": "507 N North Drive",
        "listingCity": "Los Angeles, CA 90015",
        "bedsTotal": 4,
        "bathsTotal": 3,
        "sqftTotal": "3,463",
        "agentTitle": "New Agent In Town",
        "agentPhone": "(213) 987-6543",
        "logo": "https://www.yourdomain.com/photos/logo.jpg",
        "photos": [
            { "photo": "https://www.yourdomain.com/photos/photo1.jpg" },
            { "photo": "https://www.yourdomain.com/photos/photo2.jpg" },
            { "photo": "https://www.yourdomain.com/photos/photo3.jpg" }

Please let us know if you want to learn more about this feature.

Need a Custom Solution ?

All businesses have their own needs. Maybe you prefer to upload generated videos to your AWS S3 account? Integrate with your CRM? Or generate videos on the fly based on a database entry? Receive notifications by email? Remove the download button? Use your brand colors?

Almost anything is possible. Let us know, we can create custom white label video editor solutions for your specific needs.

Let Us Know

Let us know what problem you are trying to solve. We are here to provide you with possible solutions for your white label video needs.