Offer Video Makers on YOUR Website.

Activate the Feature

MakerMoon allows you to embed any of our video makers directly into your webpage. Giving your visitors the opportunity to create videos straight from your website, just like that:

Example of an embedded video editor.

Your watermark

Embeddable video makers can display your own watermark. This way users creating videos from your website will also promote your brand:

Example of a custom watermark.

Your templates

Provide more value to your users, by offering them video templates that match with their interests. You can customize any existing video template to your taste, and then offer your own video templates to your visitors.

Example of a custom video template.


The service is FREE, basic technical skills are required to use it. Your visitors will only be redirected to MakerMoon if they want to know more about premium features.

You Get ALL Premium Features

You read that right. If the feature is activated for your account, you get all premium features FREE for as long as you share our makers. This way you can create the best templates possible for your audience.

Why we do that ?

Cooperation is an important key to success. Sharing valuable video makers is the surest way to create a win-win situation for everybody.

Activate the Feature

To activate embeddable makers on your account, please fill the following application form. We will contact you as soon as the feature is ready.