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Create professional looking property slideshows in a breeze.

With MakerMoon you have instant access to a collection of quality real estate video templates to quickly create attractive marketing videos, at the fraction of the cost of a design firm.

Knowledgeable agents, using quality videos, will rapidly build trust with more potential buyers.

Facebook Cover Videos

Facebook Cover Slideshows

All videos at MakerMoon can be used as Facebook Cover Videos. Using a cover video is a great way to make a good first impression, and give users digested information about you.

Facebook cover videos are the hot new trend on Facebook. Many real estate companies already use this new feature to showcase special events or wow their visitors.

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Key Features for Real Estate

  • Stylish Slideshows

    MakerMoon is built to create attractive slideshows. Making it a perfect fit for realtors who need to quickly trigger interest in potential buyers.

  • Social Media Ready

    Video templates are available in many sizes and are compatible with most social media platforms. Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more...

  • Flexible Designs

    Create more than just property listings. Templates are customizable enough to create videos for: flyers, open houses, sold announcements, agent showcases, etc.

Premium Templates

Premium members have exclusive access to advanced property listing slideshows. Simple and attractive, these premium templates will instantly inspire confidence.

Property Listing 1
Property Listing 2
Instagram Property Listing Video

Share Your Listings on Multiple Social Media Platforms

All videos are compatible with all major social media platforms. All templates are available in 16:9 widescreen ratio and some can also be resized to 1:1 square ratio, which is the most effective size for Instagram.

Video Marketing is Powerful

The importance of video content in real estate marketing has never been greater. Video is “the most popular content consumed globally” and its effectiveness over text and images hardly needs to be proven anymore.

More real estate agents are launching more video campaigns than ever, and more are achieving success because of it. MakerMoon real estate video templates are a powerful sales tool, that will boost your conversion.

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