Customize your Facebook cover for the Holidays

Did you know you could upgrade your Facebook cover fan page with a video ? Find out how you could make it look alive for Christmas ! It's free.

Choose your Christmas or New Year video editor below...

EDIT New Year Fireworks

A New Year video with lively fireworks and simple animated text. You can add a custom logo, or remove it.

This video generator uses a lot of computer resources. The live preview may be slow in Firefox or mobile, but the final rendered video will be just fine.

EDIT Holidays Snow Text

A video with a simple text effect and gentle snow in the background.

Try the following: open the background image selector and select "Stock Images", then search for "Christmas". You will have tons of fun Christmas images to choose from.

You can also try with more specific keywords like "Chrismas tree" or "Santa Claus".

EDIT Holidays Confetti

Fancy animated text with ornaments and colorful animated particles.

Create a video with multiple text slides, custom particles: "Stars" or "Circles", and a final slide where you can add your logo and social media links.

A fun way to wish a Merry Christmas to your community.

EDIT Big Snow Flakes

Another video maker with multiple text slides and an animated background.

Try the following: go to the "Background" section, then choose an animation type: "Snow" or "Icons", to switch between snow flakes and playful Christmas icons.

...and bring magic to your Facebook community !

All the videos generated by MakerMoon can be adapted to Instagram or Facebook posts formats.